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Powder Coating

Powder CoatingPowder coating is one of the most popular dry finishing processes in North America. Originally introduced in the 1960s, the technique has been refined over the decades and today is used in many areas of the industrial finishing market. There are many benefits to opting for this particular finishing process. Powder coating offers a durable and high-quality finish, for example, it helps improve efficiency and production optimization during the manufacturing process itself. It’s a simple and fast way to finish a product and help improve its lifetime.

What is powder coating?

This particular finishing process relies on polymer resins systems that are combined with pigments, curatives, flow modifies and leveling agents to create high quality and durable finishes that can be both decorative and protective/functional in nature. The various agents are combined and mix melted before ultimately being ground into a fine, uniform powder. Similar in consistency to baking flour, this powder is used with a powder coater to spray the mixture over the product in question.

Once the parts have been evenly coated, they are placed in a curing oven. Heat helps “seal” this finish in place and makes it quite long-lasting and strong. This kind of coating can be applied to metallic as well as non-metallic substrates like medium density fiberboard and plastics.

High-Quality Coating Services

Are you hoping to find quality powder coating services for future projects? Let the team at Nu Finish Media Blasting help! We’ve worked on all manner of projects and are ready to help you achieve your goals. And you can rest assured that we’ll keep all steps of the process in-house, too – as a family-owned and family-run business, we pride ourselves on high-quality work from a small, intimate team. Whether you’re in need of a decorative finish or want something simple and protective, we can help. Reach out to us today to learn more about our finishing services!

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